Website Design and Online Stores

No matter what industry and no matter what phase you’re in, we have something that is better for you and your business. 

Developed For Window Tint Shops Dentists Manufacturers Hair Salons Boutique Shops And Many More!

Custom Design

Goodbye Cheap DIY.
Hello Affordable Pre-Designed Advanced Websites.

Our pre-designed sites are architected by graphic designers, developers and digital marketing experts

Architected unlike anything you've seen

Our websites are architected specifically for your industry and provide you tools that you simply cannot get with others. We spend a lot of time in research, planning and development to make websites that become tools businesses depend on. 

Custom tools

Every pre-made website design comes with applications we develop such as a window tint simulator that let’s people see how dark a window film is. Useful tools like job posts and digital employment applications, customer portals, live chat, and much more.

Because DIY sucks

Cheap do-it-yourself websites do nothing, and you aren’t a professional in SEO, cyber security, applications and integrations. So… focus on what you do best and we will focus on making it found, look good, be understood, and be acted upon.  

Better conversion rates

A website conversion rate is the percentage of users who take a desired action. So whether you want phone calls, messages, or purchases… having a website that is designed and developed by professionals will impact your business tremendously.

You can't afford not to

Just pay a $199 setup fee to so we can add your content to the website and subscribe to automatic payments of $49 per month for your pre-made professional website. That’s it. Seriously. 

Tech For Your Industry

Applications To Love

Give your audience technology that will make them excited to learn about your business and choose you over the rest. 

Let's Start

Select your industry and choose a design that you like. Please return if there are no websites yet for you industry.

A Personable Full-Service Agency

Simple Process

  1. Select your industry
  2. Select a design
  3. Subscribe to our service
  4. Provide content
  5. Review and Launch!


Technology is always evolving. By subscribing to low monthly payments for our pre-designed websites, your business will always be able to count on tools that keep you ahead of the rest. 

Professional websites have intricate components that aren't easy for majority to manage. Our service eliminates this worry as we will take care of performance, security, and even updates of your content. We give you a portal to easily login and provide the information you want us to add.

PixelComb aims to be a one-stop shop. This means you'll be able to order digital marketing services, ask for graphic design work such as a logo or social media banners, order business cards, request custom technology integrations,  applications, and so much more.