WordPress Website and Server Maintenance Service

$39.00 / month

Get 1 hour per month for WordPress website maintenance and host/server maintenance.  You can also add additional services listed under “Additional Options”.


If you would like to add or change content such as blogs, articles, new pictures, or videos but don’t have the technical knowledge to manage the admin area, you can select an update package below that would give us time to do it for you. If you have questions, just call us.

If your website has any of the following systems: WooCommerce, CDN, or Uncommon Extensions, please select the respective service below so that we can provide service. If you don’t know, please contact us.


WordPress is a software and platform used to build websites. Extensions/plugins are applications installed into WordPress software to assist with functions such as email subscriptions, code optimization, and more. All the software and applications come to life when operated by a physical server that also utilizes programs.

Companies who engineer software and applications, consistently provide updates called “versions”. The primary function of new versions are to enhance the security, performance, provide new features, as well as to effectively function well with other software that are installed.

If versions of software and applications are not updated, vulnerabilities to security arise such as phishing, malware, and hacking. Functions of website may also not work properly or the whole website may not work at all. Updating versions is of extreme importance.

This service allows us to maintain the software and applications in websites and servers. It allows us to check for big update versions to ensure they are compatible with each other. We do this by reading technical logs from each software/application company, and then test that it functions in a “staging” environment of your server that mimics your website to resolve any issues before publishing on your live website.

This service also allows us to backup your website (if the server you have allows backups) and create file names that we can recognize if we ever need to restore a website to a previous version. In example, if a website becomes corrupted by attackers, we may be able to utilize a backup to restore the website.

Additional information


Website Maintenance refers to technical maintenance of website platforms which often involve software and applications (commonly referred to as extensions). This is especially important for websites that use Magento, WordPress, and WooCommerce platforms. Platforms, software, and applications often receive new versions that need to be updated. The versions provide technical requirements which must be checked with versions of other extensions as well as program versions in the hosting server. Performing maintenance of all systems allows for the platforms, extensions, and integrations to operate to their developers suggestions and requirements. Outdated platforms, extensions, applications, and hosting servers software runs the risk of security breaches, system failure, integration disruptions, and performance inhibitors. The process of website maintenance includes technicians evaluating specifications of new version releases. This is important as websites may operate using various extensions/plugins which have their own versions. All versions must be able to work with each other properly. If versions do not work well with each other, system errors will occur that affect the website and integrations. If an error is found, technicians will attempt to troubleshoot the errors, or restore the website to the previous version until patches are released to remedy the issues, or new versions are released that do work well with each other. Website maintenance requires the management and maintenance of hosting servers to ensure that hosting server versions are also updated. In addition hosting server maintenance allows for actions such as creating backups that can restore previous website versions.


A website host server is a physical electronic device much like a computer that is programmed and dedicated to connecting website platforms, databases, applications, and other functions. Maintenance of hosting servers allows our specialist to ensure the hosting servers programs meet the requirements of the website platform and applications. Hosting companies provide different types of servers and services. Some hosting companies will say their hosting services do not need maintenance, however, it is misunderstood as the servers still need to be accessed in order to properly maintain websites. This is because program versions in the hosting server must also be checked to support the versions of the website and applications. In addition, backups and restores are often involved when maintaining website platforms.


Website Update services refer to changing or adding content to websites. Content consists of text, pictures, banners, links, videos, products, and more. This is a recommended service for website owners or employees who do not have the time or the proper experience, knowledge, and time to perform the changes or updates. Every website platform and its extensions/plugins or applications have a unique way of how content should be added or updated. Not all website platforms and applications are the same. It's important to know technical processes to not create errors, or to trouble shoot and fix errors.


CDN is an abbreviation for Content Delivery Network. In general, CDN's help to speed up the loading time of websites as well as provide some cyber security benefits such as a firewall and DNS administration. It is common to see CDN's be used for businesses who spend money in paid advertising, SEO, and other digital marketing services. While CDN's don't require maintenance, they do require monitoring and management. If a website utilizes a CDN service, the CDN may have firewall settings that need to be checked and managed when websites are maintained, to not interfere with the website operational functions. When content is updated in a website, it will often be necessary for the cache system of the CDN to be cleared in order for the website updates to be seen. If the cache is not cleared, changes can be made to a page but it may not reflect the way intended or may appear to be broken.