Get a style guide to set the standards of writing, formatting, and designing documents, artwork, and other related marketing tasks that create a memorable brand.

  • Font styles and sizes
  • Color palette and codes

– FILE FORMATS: 4 file formats in AI, PNG, JPEG, and PDF
– COMPLETION TIME: 6 business days

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A style guide is a manual and foundation for all design in a professional brand. It provides a set of standards for writing, formatting, and artistic direction for anything that is made so that the business becomes memorable as a brand.

Style guides provide a specified color palette codes, font styles, and themes. With this information, any professional designer can use it to create documents, new catalogs, banners, social media posts, videos, flyers, labels, letterheads, and more.



After you select and pay for the Style Guide, you will receive an email with your receipt as well as a note that we are ready to communicate with you.

We will talk to you via phone or live video to get to know your business, your vision, competitors, examples, and more.

If a client does not have any examples, we will provide them. This process allows our designers to understand certain elements of what our clients are attracted to and envision.

We help our clients articulate their preferences until we feel that we can conceptualize it. In this process, we will create style mockups for our clients to choose from.

Once a client selects their preferred style, we will revise if the client has input and then enhance it until it’s in finished quality.



Read the short details provided below the selection to know how many mockups, file formats, variations, and other details are provided for the specific package. To understand and learn what a feature means, simply click on the “Additional Information” tab to read about it.

When ready, click the “Add to Cart” button to proceed and pay, and you will then be contacted!




Additional information


Our process for design requires Time to perform the following: _ 1) Communication with clients about conceptualization, preferences, and other details. 2) Designing of mockups and communicating with customers about their feedback. 3) Making revisions and communicating with customers about their feedback 4) Acquiring a customer's selection of a specific design from the mockups provided. _ _ Each package requires a different approximate amount of time for completion. Time is not guaranteed because it is largely impacted by a customer's ability to make decisions and communicate. It is through our experience that we have been able to create an approximate time for completion. Approximate completion times are provided on the description of the package that is selected.


Mockups are also known as Concepts. They are the initial logo design variations that our graphic designers create and give to customers so that customers can select which one they like the most. Customers will also be asked for their input. Once a customer selects the mockup they like the most, our graphic designers will enhance the logo until it is in finished quality.


PDF – Portable Document Format was made by Adobe. We use this to show logo drafts/mockups because its a format that can be opened and viewed by most devices.


Clients can request revisions to be made to the logo mockup they select. The number of revisions that can be provided are determined by the package customers pay for. Additional revisions may be made at no cost or with an additional cost; mostly determined by our graphic designers who spend hours in labor communicating with customers and designing.


Customers will be required to communicate via phone or email to produce quality results. We may provide clients (only when we feel is necessary) with access to live video conferencing with a shared computer screen option so that clients can see our work and communicate in real-time.