Pre-Designed Window Tint Websites with Simulator

Goodbye cheap DIY websites. Go pro for only $59 per month.

Window Tint Simulator

Give people an experience unlike any other tint shop with a Window Tint Simulator software. Standard with any design you choose.

Incredible Features

It’s more than a website, it’s a tool. We thought of every angle for you. 

Instagram Sync

Post on your shops Instagram account and it will automatically be posted on the website. 

Illustration of automatic Instagram posting on window tint pre designed websites

Reviews Sync

Your 5 star reviews on Yelp and Google will automatically be posted on the website. 

Illustration of automated business review syncing for pre-designed website

Employment Assist

Let job seekers know you’re hiring. They can apply through the website and you’ll receive it in your email.

Knowledge Assist

Website comes standard with information such as how to clean windows with tint, differences in materials, and more.  

Live-chat Ready

Talk in real-time with website visitors from your phone or computer with a live-chat application.  

Illustration of live chat system for window tint website design

Performance Ready

Convert more visitors into actual customers with our technology architected for tint shops. 

Illustration of website performance

Search Engine Optimized

Be found and rank higher on search engines. We will perform SEO Search Engine Optimization.

Mobile Device Optimized

People can use the website on any device, including phones. Content size will adjust automatically. 

Select A Web Design & Get Started

$149 setup fee / $59 per month



Say goodbye to cheap DIY websites, and hello to truly professional websites that have been made specifically for window tint shop businesses.

Our process is simple. Just choose the design you want, pay the small setup fee and subscribe to the service.

We talk over the phone to understand your business and gather the tint shops information.

Services covered
– Website, tint simulator, hosting, security, speed boost, SEO essentials
– Full-service, we do it all for you. No need to learn how to use website.

Applications provided
– Window tint simulator, Instagram syncing for photos, and live-chat tool

Additional information

Domain Name

We will use your own domain name (example: You can easily purchase from a provider such as GoDaddy. We will setup it up for you as it is covered by the sign-up fee.
Domain names only cost about $18 per year.

Setup Process

After paying for the service, we will contact you to gather information including logo, photos, and content you want people to read. We will enter and adjust the content in a manner that maintains the design and layout.

We will ask what options you want such as live chat system, automatic Instagram syncing and automatic business reviews syncing from Google or Yelp.

If you already have a website, we can extract the information from that current website.

The setup process takes only about 5 business days.

Frequently Asked Questions

No, you cannot use our simulator on your own website. You'll have to subscribe to our pre-designed window tint website service, and we will provide you a website with our simulator.

We can get a website published with your domain name in as little as 5 business days.

We are already working towards future versions for our simulator. Options for tint percentages will be available in the future. We also plan to have options for vehicles. We cannot disclose future versions, but we can tell you there is so much to be excited about. 

If you stop paying for the service, the website will be discontinued. We put a lot of initial and ongoing work into our pre-designed websites to make them superior and yet affordable to subscribe to. 

Yes, the website design you choose will have your own domain name that you can purchase on your own. We will connect your domain name to the website, or if you prefer you can do this yourself. 

Yes, many tint shops ask us to add additional services to the websites such as car audio installation and vehicle wrap.

We will add content that you provide us such as your logo, pictures, videos, text content, and contact information. 

Yes, we perform advanced website security processes to ensure the website is safe from attacks. This includes blocking countries known for cyber attacks from even being able to access the website.

We will provide media content such as pictures if you do not have any high-quality pictures.
All text content must be provided by you, and we will provide industry suggestions. 

Yes, you can choose to change the design of the website at any time by paying a $145 processing fee so our experts can perform it properly.
We're happy to announce that we will continue to create even more designs throughout time. 

Yes, you can request us to install our multi-location technology if you have multiple tint shop locations. The cost for this is just an additional $12 per month, per location.

If you desire an online store, just contact us so we can determine what ecommerce applications will suit your needs.

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