Marketing For Window Tint Business

$650.00 / month

Allow our professionals to manage various points of your window tint business.

  • Management of reviews on Google and Yelp
  • Directory management of Google, Yelp Bing, Yellow Pages, Facebook, and over 10 more
  • Professional website design with our window tint simulator application
  • Search Engine Optimization SEO
  • Paid advertising setup and management
  • Google business analytics setup and management
  • Branding and graphics



Your reputation as a business in the digital world is most significantly impacted by the reviews your business acquires. The quality and quantity of reviews has a direct impact on how much money customers are willing to pay you for your services, how many customers you can have, how likely they are to return, their referrals, and even the conversion rates of paid advertising and marketing efforts.

Yelp and Google provide public services called directory listing. This service has the legal right to provide information about your business, without requiring your consent. Their directory service allows the public to leave reviews about your business that meet their review policy standards. If you receive a bad review on Google or Yelp that is not our staff will talk to you about it to determine if we can file a request directly to Google or Yelp to remove the review.

Our professionals understand and follow a bigger vision that goes beyond the scope of just mitigating bad reviews. We will have direct communication with your business to help you acquire not only the most amount of good reviews, but also quality reviews. We will provide methods that will help you for the life of your business.


We will talk to you and determine which directories best suit your business and location. Directories can include Google, Yelp, Facebook Business, Yellow Pages, and over 10 others. For window tint businesses, Google and Yelp are the most important to maintain up to date with valid information such as address, phone, services, website, and other important information consumers look for such as whether you wear masks due to Covid, whether you have same sex bathrooms, waiting areas, contactless payment methods, and much more details that they continue to add.


We will provide you with a window tint website that was architected for the window tint industry. It will include our window tint simulator software that gives visitors the ability to see what a car looks like with different window tint shades. Our application will continue to evolve and you will always have this so long as you are receiving our window tint marketing service. You won’t have to pay any hosting, technical maintenance, or worry about cyber security. Everything is provided. All you will require is to have your own website domain address such as which we will help you with.


SEO is a digital marketing service that is immensely important for all businesses. It focuses on optimizing websites to rank higher on search engines like Google. With this service, we will create functions on the website that will target consumers related to your location and services; making it easier for consumers to find your business online.


Your window tint business can grow much faster if you pay for ads. These ads are commonly knowns as PPC Pay-Per-Click. Companies like Google allow us to bid for the chance to display your business directly on the top of search results. How much you spend on ads depends on the budget that you feel comfortable with. When you are ready, we will help you create a budget, setup and manage paid advertising accounts on Google, Yelp, and Facebook / Instagram.


We will connect the website and accounts to Google Analytics service that allows us to see how many people are visiting your website, where they are coming, from and what actions they do. This helps us fine tune our our digital marketing practices as well as provide you factual information to make decisions that can improve your business operations.

Become memorable and recognizable to increase sales with graphics that follow branding principles. We will create graphics such as banners that follow the style of your logo. These banners will be added to your Facebook business page, Yelp, and other sources. If you don’t have a professional logo, you can pay for that service to get a logo made. This service will help maintain all things uniform. We recommend even to have any business cards or flyers follow branding principles. To understand more about branding, you are always welcome to talk to us.