Instagram Highlight Covers


Get custom design theme covers for Instagram highlight covers. Our graphic designers will create a theme based on the style of the brand/business.

  • MOCKUPS: 2
  • COMPLETION TIME: 1 business day

Having Instagram highlight covers that match a business or brand style is important for the continued flow of identity. Unfortunately, there are too many pre-made templates and designs out there. It’s never good for a brand, influencer, or business to have the same template or Instagram story cover as someone else.

Let our professional graphic designers create a unique theme for your Instagram story highlights. We look and follow your style guide if you have one. If not, we will try to get as close as possible to your colors, fonts, and other branding elements.


How it works

After you pay for the service, you will receive an email with your receipt as well as a note that we are ready to communicate with you about your request.

We have an easy to use questionnaire form that allows us to ask our clients the right questions, every time! This includes the ability to upload logos and pictures. The information can be gathered via phone call, and or by having our client fill out the questionnaire form through a computer or smartphone.

We love clients that have a vision of what they want, however, sometimes clients don’t have one. We help our clients articulate their preferences until we feel that we can conceptualize a design that they will like. We will provide examples and create mockups for our clients to choose from.

Once a client chooses a mockup they like, we will revise it if needed and then enhance it until it’s in finished quality.


How to get started

Read the features provided to know how many mockups, time requirements, and other details. To understand and learn what a feature means, simply click on the “Additional Information” tab to read about it.

Once ready, click the “Add to Cart” button to proceed to the payment screen to pay, and you will then be contacted!


Our process for design requires Time to perform the following: 1) Communication with clients about conceptualizing, preferences, and other details. 2) Designing mockups and communicating with clients about their feedback. 3) Making revisions if needed and communicating with clients about their feedback. 4) Providing clients the finished service.


Mockups are also known as concepts. They are the designs our graphic designers create and give to clients so that clients can select which one they like the most. Once a client selects the preferred mockup, it will be enhanced until it is in finished quality.


Instagram Highlight Covers are saved and provided to clients in JPEG file formats. JPEG formats are commonly used for lossy compression of digital images and are the choice formats of Instagram.


Clients can request revisions to be made to the mockup they select. The number of revisions is stated in the service description. Additional revisions may be made at no cost or with an additional cost: mostly determined by our graphic designers who spend hours in labor communicating with customers and graphic designing.


Customers will be required to communicate via phone and or email in order for our designers to produce quality results. We may provide clients (only when we feel is necessary) with access to a live video conferencing with a shared computer screen option so that clients can see our work and communicate in real-time.


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