From: $695.00 / month and a $8,995.00 sign-up fee

We get it. You wan’t the best of the best. The top dog. The great white shark. Lucky for you, PixelComb brings them to life with the Magento eCommerce website software. Your Magento online store will be fully managed, achieve higher technical ratings, and outperform your competition.  You will be able to create new products or content and give it to us to post for you. Can’t make banners for the holidays? We’l make them for you. Maintenance, backups, security, advanced integrations and technology…. all done and kept running smooth for you. That’s the PixelComb way.


Keep visitors coming back with new content. Just provide content to us, we will add it, perform essential Search Engine Optimization (SEO) on it, and publish it.

Stay fresh with new banners on your home page or any other pages. We will design and post them for you.

Geo-location technology shows consumers the page and information closest to their current location. Powerful servers handle the extra amount of website visitors.

Allows acquirement, setup and management of advanced security tools such as CloudFlare.

Stop the paper trail and prevent spread of germs with Digital Forms your visitors can fill from their smartphones or computers. Submissions go directly to your email box.

Sell like the biggest brands with superior software by Magento and experienced PixelComb architects. No do-it-yourself. Less errors. More power.

  • Unparalleled Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Advanced security features
  • Advanced integration abilities including
  • Advanced catalog management
  • Advanced product browsing
  • Advanced order management
  • Flexible pricing and coupon rules
  • Product bundles
  • Real time shipping rates
  • Custom designs for every business
  • Ready to integrate with any modern software
  • Faster loading speeds than competitors
  • Fully managed web servers / hosting
  • Performance reviews to handle your growing visitors
  • Analytics delivered to your email

Nobody knows your business and industry better than you. It's why we encourage businesses to create anything that your visitors and customers want to read, watch, or hear. With PixelComb, you can text it, email it, or use our forms. You'll never have to login to your website and figure out how to do it because we will do it for you the right way, every time.


Let our graphic designers create banners for your website that highlight your new deals and offers, new products or services, events, holidays, and more. Just tell us what its about and we will create banners and post them on your website for you.


If you have multiple physical locations such as a chain of restaurants or stores, we can create an advanced website that displays location specific pages. When a customer searches online for your store in Los Angeles, they can automatically see a page that provides information about that specific location. If a visitors wan'ts to find a different location, they can use a simple "Find Location" tool that connects them with the pages for that location. No more having to make multiple websites and divide all the advertising and marketing efforts. With our multiple location technology, your brand will be ONE. The way it should be.


Not only are the servers we use the best in the industry; the practices taken ensure security and performance are next level. This doesn't mean hackers won't stop trying to hack your website, however, if you subscribe to our advanced security, your website will receive additional resources that are customer specific. With Advanced Security feature, we can block or challenge specific countries from seeing your website, we can prevent anyone else from getting to your administrative login page by only allowing specified computers to access, and we can create Firewall rules that stay up to date with the latest threats.


It's 2020. Paper is old and digital is the way to go. No more scanning. No more wasting paper. Just provide us the forms you use and we will turn them in to digital forms that people can fill out through the comfort of their smart phones, computers, and tablets. The submissions will go directly to your business email box as PDF files that you can see, save, and print if you want. The information on the forms will never be stored digitally and forms can be HIPPA compliant.