Digital Marketing Plan – For Specified Customers Only

$199.00 / month

If your business has no current presence online or the presence is small, start with this plan.

Notice: This plan is by invitation only and is set to expire after the growth of clients’ online presence and sales. At the time of expiration, the client will be asked to subscribe to an updated digital marketing package.

PixelComb is a company of Lure Solutions. Please read the information in “Additional Information” for agreements.


  • Business directory creation (about 20 citations such as Google, Bing, and Yelp). Part of SEO.
  • Paid advertisements on Google, Bing, Facebook, Instagram, Yelp
  • Advertisement budgets must be $720 to start
  • Google Analytics setup

Landing pages may need to be created over time to target keywords and locations. If the customer has a website and it is being managed by an agency, we will provide the content to be created. If the agency does not build good landing pages, we may need to create them ourselves. If the website is using page building tools we have not used, we may request compensation in order to pay for our time spent building the pages


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Please read agreements in the “Additional Information” tab for details about this service.
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All marketing plans are operated in phases since marketing tasks are ongoing and require constant modification and updating.

In the initial phase, we will focus on creating business directories. This can take up to two weeks. All directories will have a user name and password credentials saved on a spreadsheet that will be provided to the client after completion. The client will be requested information and content such as logo.

Once the client is gaining sales, the client will be asked to upgrade their plan our standard rate of charge.