Business WordPress Hosting

$29.00 / month

Your website will be hosted on the world’s best servers and we will perform updates to your WordPress software and common extensions. Your website software will run better than ever before.

  • Fully maintained website software
  • Fully managed hosting
  • Hosted on Cloud servers by Google
  • Advanced cache technology
  • Industry leading web loading speeds



WordPress websites require regular maintenance and updates of software and extensions. When performing these functions properly, it is necessary to create backups, search if there are errors, and trouble shoot errors.

With this service, PixelComb will be able to maintain WordPress software and common extensions that supports. We will go through the extensions and check that their developers have good approval in the WordPress community of developers. This means that they should have good technical processes and release patches for their extensions when needed.

If PixelComb finds that an extension that is being used by the website is causing errors or vulnerabilities, PixelComb will contact the customer to explain and request to discontinue use of the extension to save the website from technical issues.

If a clients website technical requirements surpass the capabilities of this Business WordPress Hosting service; due to it’s functions or due to the amount of visitors, we will require the client to upgrade to a higher plan to ensure the website continues to serve all visitors appropriately.