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Let our marketing staff professionally create business directory listings. No monthly payments! One-time fee only for creation.

  • Top 20 directories
  • Tailored to the type of business
  • 2 business day process time

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Listing a business on websites is important so that it can be found, and so that searchers can find the business that best suits their location and product/service wants.

Every business is different and the method and choices for listing the business should match the operation. PixelComb offers a professional and tailored solution that is not only better for businesses but is also ethical. Our marketing team will manually list your business on the top directory websites that best support your type of business operations.

The business will be listed on approximately 20 directories. These can include Google, Bing, Facebook Business, Yelp, and more.

Businesses will receive log-in credentials to all the citations that are created.


Did you know that many companies sell business directory listing (also known as citation listing) as a monthly/subscription service and charge?

– It’s free to create business citations. Why should businesses be charged a monthly/subscription service fee?
– If a business stops paying, citations can become inaccessible unless the business submits proof to the citations website that he/she is the real owner.
– The businesses that offer citation services claim the monthly fee is to maintain the citations. However, there really isn’t maintenance needed. Not unless the business wants to change their hours of service or some other information such as phone numbers.

PixelComb does not charge a monthly/subscription or yearly fee for the service. We only charge businesses a one time fee to create the listings manually (the way they should be done). If a business wishes to change something such as a phone number, they can just log in to their own listings and make the changes, or the business can pay PixelComb to do update it on their behalf.

Every business has a specialty and also a type of operation. For example, a manufacturer that sells to other businesses would best be served by a listing on Google rather than a listing on Yelp. Our team will select the best places to list your business according to the information we gather.

We strive to not list on websites that will push its customers to pay a listing fee unless the amount of traffic they can generate are substantial.


Directory listing/citations fall under what is commonly referred to as off-page SEO (Search Engine Optimization that is done elsewhere other than the client’s business website). It also a marketing practice referred to as SEM (Search Engine Marketing)


How it works

After you pay for the service, you will receive an email with your receipt as well as a note that we are ready to communicate with you about your request.

The business will be asked to provide the business information they want to list such as website, menu, services, pictures, phone number, address, and more.


How to get started

Read the features provided to know how many mockups, time requirements, and other details. To understand and learn what a feature means, simply click on the “Additional Information” tab to read about it.

Once ready, click the “Add to Cart” button to proceed to the payment screen to pay, and you will then be contacted!

Additional information


Our process requires Time to perform the following: 1) Communication with clients to gather business details such as phone, address, website, pictures, and more. 2) Communicating what directory websites best suite them. 3) Creating business listings (citations). 4) Providing clients with a list of credentials (links, usernames, and passwords)


Clients can pay for revisions to be made to their listings, or clients can do it themselves if they have experience. We provide clients with credentials to all the websites the business was listed on.


-Clients will be required to communicate via phone and or email in order for our team to produce quality results. – Clients should provide all pictures, logos, menus, services, and any other information that could be helpful for potential customers to find them on the internet. – This service can be completed within two business days if the client provides accurate and on-time information.


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