Full makeover, digital marketing strategy and implementation

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Client Industry

AccuTint is an automotive window tint and paint protection shop, operated out of Rancho Cucamonga.


Website makeover, digital marketing and advertising

Website & Links

About the project

We knew this project would be special the moment we learned here was a father with over 30 years of experience and two beautiful young daughters in their mid 20’s who had been tinting with their dad since 15 years old! 

This family business had the most amount of experience, talent and story we had seen, but were selling themselves short by relying on Groupon to bring the clients. Groupon was taking nearly 50% of their profit.

AccuTint needed a complete strategy to cease relying on Groupon, begin asking for prices that matched their worth, and inform potential consumers that they truly are the best. 



The business had no analytics, internet authority, branding and marketing. This would require careful industry research and implementation.


Perform branding functions, graphic design of logo and banners, a website makeover, SEM (search engine marketing), social media functions and paid advertising.


Business no longer uses Groupon and has actually increased prices to be higher than competitors; all while outranking their competitors and increasing sales dramatically.

Online Marketing and Advertising

Our videographer worked with our graphic designer and marketing strategists to create video, banners for social medias and advertisements. This was important for branding as well as to increase conversions from social media advertisements. 

We created and modified business directory listings such as Google, Bing and Yelp to ensure they were being noticed, and to work with our Search Engine Marketing strategies.

Website Makeover

This business relied on Wix’s easy to use dashboard so we decided to wait before moving them over to a professional website platform like WordPress. 

What we have done instead is redesigned their current website to have clearer call to actions and provide just enough information to get the customers to call them, rather than message them (this business only accepts calls). 

Picture of old AccuTint website