Online Forms For Medical Practices

Many small to medium medical practices are still having patients walk in and fill out paper forms. This is not helping disease prevention as the patients are having to touch the same pens, the same clipboards and the same counters.

In our years of experience with dentists, chiropractors and medical offices, we have seen how busy they are and how much work is pressed on the front desk staff to intake people.

When practices have paper forms, staff can become inundated with paperwork and are rushed to schedule patients. Leading to errors and preventable extra work.

The simple solution to dramatically cease the spread of disease, have more time to review documents and schedule patients is to have an online form system that is HIPPA compliant.

Many clinics and practices know this. So why don’t they do it?

By interviewing over 100 clinics and practices, we have determined the most common reasons are:

  1. Scared to try something new
  2. Belief that it will complicate processes
  3. Belief that it will cost too much
  4. Belief that it is not safe to acquire patient information online

The reasons above are very real to many, and while we can provide a never-ending list of reasons why these should not be a problem, we ultimately resolve in asking two deep questions.

Is the process that you are so accustomed to worth more than your ethical duty to prevent disease spread?

Are you willing to continue sacrificing your image as your competitors reduce mistakes, labor, and gain more time for patient care?

We didn’t think so. Click this link to get the best, safe and affordable online patient forms.

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