How to set up a business email address

If you are still using “” as part of your business email address, you may not be getting taken seriously. One of the best ways to show people that your business is legit and professional is by having a business email address.

What is a business email?

In order to have a business email, you need a domain name. Click here to learn what is a domain name.

A Domain name is essentially your business address on the internet. It will allow you to have an email address such as “[email protected]”.

A business email will have two components. The first is the word(s), name(s), or letters you want before your business address.

First component: Let’s say that JOHN wants an email address. His email can be [email protected]

Second component: Let’s say that John’s business is “BLUE LIGHTS”. His email can be [email protected]

Note that the address will not be case sensitive (not have capital letters). You can present it to anyone with capitals and they can write with capitals, but the address will always default to not being case sensitive.

Modern business email systems

There are multiple ways to set up email systems, however, the most popular and modern way by both small and large enterprises is to create a Google Cloud system.

A Google Cloud or Microsoft Online email system can cost as little as $6 per user. If you have many users this can add up. However, do consider what you get.

Both Google business and Microsoft are cloud systems. This means you can access your email from anywhere in the world if you choose. They have been engineered to provide you many security and user options right from the start.

For businesses with developers, these companies also allow development within their platforms.

Setting up a Google Cloud business email system

Follow these instructions if you already have a domain name and feel confident in your technical abilities as they will be required to enter records in your domain name providers application.

To start your setup, you will need to have the following things ready.

  1. Business name, address, phone and a secondary email address which could be a free email such as
  2. Credit card information so that Google Cloud can automatically deduct payments every month
  3. Your domain name host login information so you can log in to add the (records) information Google will provide you. Note that this is a technical process.
  4. An email address you want such as “[email protected]

Once you have the information above, visit Google Business website by clicking on this link. Their website will provide you options and a complete walkthrough on how to set it up.

If you are not able to set up a business email system on your own, please contact us and we will do it for you!

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