How To Purchase and Register A Domain Name

Getting a domain name can be exiting but also nerve wrecking. We get it.

This article will cover how to purchase and register a domain name. If you don’t know what a domain name is yet, click here to learn about domains.

There are many websites that provide domain name registration services and for the most part they are all about the same. Most important to note here though is that you should make sure the domain name that you want is available. So we strongly advise that you don’t get attached to the idea of a domain name, until you have searched availability.

Almost all domain registration websites will have a search function in which you can type your domain name and search if it is available. In addition they will display domain name variations you can also purchase or the domain name with different extensions. 

It is common to search for a domain only to find that the .com is not available, but the .net extension for the domain you want is. 

If you visit Pixel Comb Hosting, you will be able to see this function. Below is a screen shot of what of search results.

Screenshot of domain name search results Pixel Comb Hosting

You can see how we searched for “” but the website says “Sorry, is taken. However, if you look at to the right, you can see that you can purchase different domain extensions (TLD’s) such as, and more. 

Think about the domain name you want to register

Choosing a domain name is important because people will remember it, save it, and even share it. Yes, it’s easy to change your mind and change the domain name, but there will be consequences. To an established brand, this would be extremely detrimental. 

Domain names contribute to SEO (search engine optimization). So do choose wisely and consider that .com is usually the most common default extension that people will buy. This means that if you tell someone your domain is, there will be a very high possibility that they will type instead of .guru. 

How much is it to register a domain name?

Prices for registration fluctuates based on several factors:

  • Domain extension
  • Popularity of the domain name
  • Website where you are purchasing registration of the domain name

Perhaps the biggest impact on price is the domain name popularity in searches. If you choose a domain name that has keywords which are searched very often, the domain name may be a costly name. Popular domain names can cost as much as $100,0000. No joke. Domain names can be like real estate. 

The most common price for domains range between $13 – $19 per year. You can register for multiple years to save money. Another cost you may notice “privacy”. All domain registration websites will offer you privacy protection so that people don’t find your registration information such as your name, phone number and address. Privacy normally costs about $8 per year.

A good website to find and register a domain is

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