How to add a shortcut like an app to a website on a phone or tablet

Shortcuts On Phones And Tablets Save You Time! Would you like to add a shortcut to a website or web page to your phone or tablet? With one click / tap you will be able to open the website. This is excellent for website that you normally visit or pages that contain content you always […]

How To Clear Cache On Google Chrome Web Browser

HOW TO CLEAR CACHE ON GOOGLE CHROME WEB BROWSER It’s always good to clear the Google Chrome web browser cache periodically. Web browser pre-stores files like images and web pages in your hard drive so that the content of web pages that you visit often will load up faster. Similar Articles REASONS TO CLEAR YOUR […]

How To Take A Screenshot On A Windows Computer

TAKE A SCREENSHOT ON WINDOWS DESKTOP OR LAPTOP We will show you the most popular way to take a screenshot on computers or laptops. This method allows you to select a specific area of your screen, or your entire screen. You will then be able to save the image with a specific file name you […]

How To Access A Hidden Network

HOW TO ACCESS HIDDEN WI-FI NETWORKHiding a Wi-Fi network is an excellent step towards increasing cyber security of a business or home. When a network is hidden,the name will not be discoverable unless the person trying to discover the network is using an advanced tool to detect hidden networks. Otherwise, nobody will be able to […]

Online Forms For Medical Practices

Many small to medium medical practices are still having patients walk in and fill out paper forms. This is not helping disease prevention as the patients are having to touch the same pens, the same clipboards and the same counters. In our years of experience with dentists, chiropractors and medical offices, we have seen how […]

How to set up a business email address

If you are still using “” as part of your business email address, you may not be getting taken seriously. One of the best ways to show people that your business is legit and professional is by having a business email address. What is a business email? In order to have a business email, you […]

What Is A CDN

If you are a website or ecommerce owner, designer or developer, you need to know what a CDN is and what it does. First of all, a CDN is an abbreviation for Content Delivery Network. Some refer to it as a content distribution network. In short, a CDN helps the content of a website or […]

How To Purchase and Register A Domain Name

Getting a domain name can be exiting but also nerve wrecking. We get it. This article will cover how to purchase and register a domain name. If you don’t know what a domain name is yet, click here to learn about domains. There are many websites that provide domain name registration services and for the […]

What Is A Domain Name

You may have heard the term “Domain Name” before and had no clue as to what it is. Well, knowing this is a must in today digital world. This article will explain what a Domain Name is as well as provide additional information about the extension of a domain such as .com because it is […]