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There is no greater honor to the people in our digital agency than to do what we were born to do. Ideation, creativity, communication, and technology is our world. 

Quick facts


PixelComb is the modern successor of a powerful development agency in California known as Lure Solutions. Their talent helped many businesses transcend into the digital future of ecommerce, business portals, cloud infrastructures, and design during the era between 2010 – 2020.


Today, PixelComb operates out of California, United States with the help of professionals around the country. The agency is consistently investing in data research and the development of applications and software that is shaping the future of digital experiences.

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The problems that exist

After 2022, businesses have seen the endless possibilities in automating processes and delivering experiences digitally that keep consumers returning for more. However, most businesses don’t have the knowledge and experience to create what’s needed, so they rely on large platforms to sell their products and services. 

While using platforms to increase sales is good for businesses, it is also numbing for a business to build its policies and vision surrounding those of a platform.

And so… the problems exist in the questions.
– Are you building a business for yourself or for the giant platforms?
– How can you sell more without relying on platforms and how can you grow the business? 

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The solutions we bring

We devote extensive time into researching to understand why some business grow while others fail, as well as what are consumers really looking for. 

As a result, we develop software, applications, integrations, websites, online stores, designs, and marketing practices that generate superior experiences. Allowing consumers to engage with businesses on a personal level.

In addition, we provide our clients with critical education that helps them understand the impact of their digital operations in order to free them from their barriers.  

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Why we do it

We have a deep desire to break barriers, invent, lead, and ultimately make history. This is what makes us happy and why we work as a family of industry leaders in PixelComb.

There’s no greater feeling than seeing our services change the lives of business leaders and seeing consumers fall in love with all that we do. It’s a feeling that keeps us going and desiring to reach further. 

The future inspires us and we want to be the ones that people come to in order to learn and deploy a service that will change the way they do business. 


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Are you ready for a positive change?

Our services

See all the services we currently offer. You can subscribe or request custom work including portals, websites, apps, design, print, and marketing. 

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We will soon provide free online courses for businesses owners and their staff. A A way to educate people on various aspects of our digital world.